NEW! Present from your iPhone®, iPad® or Android

Host your next online meeting on the go with the join.me mobile app for iOS and Android! You can also join and view other people’s meetings. join.me lets you zoom into any part of the shared discussion crisply and clearly. 

NEW! The Mobile Whiteboard join.me’s new iPhone and iPad app enables creation and collaboration on and offline for you and your team. Create, present, save, and share your ideas with the join.me mobile whiteboard right from your iPhone and iPad in a whole new way. 

• Stop Taking Pictures of Whiteboards – join.me lets you capture your ideas or discussions in real time. 

• Brainstorm Online or Offline – Create and share content both online and offline – before, during, and after meetings. 

• Capture Your Infinite Ideas – The mobile whiteboard features the Infinityboard™, an infinite canvas that lets you capture any idea, conversation, or discussion you have. 

• Drag and Drop Images – Use images from a custom icon library or add images from your own photo library. 

• Simple, Custom Tools – Draw, add shapes, lines, and even connectors to convey your ideas and collaborate with others. 

• Share Your Work Easily – Whiteboard files can be shared as JPGs, PDFs, or in a fully editable whiteboard file format so others can add their ideas. 

NEW! Supports multitasking, the iPad Pro & Apple Pencil Mobile meetings just got bigger and better! join.me supports multitasking on the iPad – as well as the larger, new iPad Pro. Use join.me side-by-side other apps, or alone and get more space for your presentations and whiteboards. Also, you can brainstorm and draw with incredible accuracy with the new Apple Pencil.