Now you can host meetings AND pick up the audio tab! Provide toll-free dial-in options for all your meetings, with! To get set up, start by logging in to your account. Click the ‘Users’ Tab to get to the admin console. From the admin console, you’ll see a new tab for ‘toll-free’. To get toll-free numbers for you and all your users, just click the button to connect with a member of our sales team and they’ll get you up and running. Once enabled, this toll-free tab is where you’ll see all your options for toll-free numbers from over 50 countries. Hover over the numbers and click the ‘edit’ button that appears. You can select the numbers you need, or de-select the ones you don’t. And you can manage toll-free options by individual users from the ‘Users’ tab. Simply select the Users, then click “ENABLE TOLL-FREE”. You can disable toll-free the same way. And when you add a new user, you can choose their toll-free options as well. The users you’ve selected will now see the toll-free numbers in their meeting invitations or their desktop app.