Now you can meet with your whole team, right in the palm of your hand! Once you’ve updated your app iphone or iPad, just start or join a meeting as you normally would. You’ll see the video icon on the top left. Tap this and check your hair, as you’re about to be on camera in your meeting! If you want to connect to internet audio and video at the same time, toggle the button on. If you want to connect to video only and then dial in on a conference line, toggle the button off. Tap connect, and you’ll see your bubble appear on the screen. As your meeting participants join, their bubbles will appear too. You can share a document, whiteboard, or presentation, and the bubbles will disappear to one side. If they’re in the way, you can move them with a swipe to the left, right, top or bottom. You can also drag them to a corner if you want to stack them. Your bubble will always stay on top. To expand the bubbles again, just double tap them. Tap someone’s bubble if you want to pass presenter, send them a private chat, or remove them from a meeting. It’s that easy! With video for iOS 9, keep that face-to-face touch if you’re on the road.