The Admin Console brings new management capabilities to the hands of our PRO and BUSINESS users! Once you’ve purchased the subscriptions and invited all the users who should be managed from your account, you’ll see their names on the User tab. You can find a specific user by searching for their name in the search box, sorting by name, or by filtering the Subscription column. You can see if users have accepted their invitation, or give them a friendly nudge if they haven’t! Just select a specific user from your list, click on the Resend invitations button, and then Resend. The “remove subscription” option allows you to take a paid subscription account from one person and assign it to someone else. If you do this, the person you removed the account from is now a FREE user. So their scheduled meetings and personal settings will all disappear. So be sure they’re aware, in case they have a meeting coming up! To remove a user from your Admin Console altogether, select the user and click “delete user”. If you accidentally delete a user from the user list, don’t worry - you can always resend them an invitation! The “Export Users” button pulls an excel file of your user list for you to reference. You can also select specific users using the check boxes, and export only their names. If you’re a BUSINESS user, you can click on a user name to see more information about them - including their conference ID and personal URL if you need it.