Are you looking to manage or provide customized experiences for your users? ENTERPRISE admins can manage specific user features in the Admin Console. Click the admin settings tab. If you cannot access the features on this page, that means you are a PRO user, and need to upgrade to ENTERPRISE to enable feature management. On the top of this page, you can set a standardized personal link for all of your users. Click edit, to see your options for customized Personal URLs. You can add any of the attributes listed and even input your own text. You can see a sample, and hover over to delete anything you don’t like. Click Save to apply this format to all your users accounts. Below the Personal link template, you’ll see the current feature set available to your users. By default, every feature is available to your users. But you can manage or limit feature usage by creating a feature set. Click New feature set. Name the feature set as you want. You can name it by a specific team, or by the features in the set. Edit the features as you’d like toggling the check marks or radial buttons. Click “Save” when you’re done with your edits. To manage which users are in which feature set, go back to your user tab. You’ll see a new feature set column appear. Select the people who you want to add to your new feature set, then click the “Change Feature Set” button. Select the feature set you just created, and click “change Feature Set” to apply your changes. Those feature settings will now be applied for that users next meeting – and all their future meetings! As an ENTERPRISE admin, you can also see your teams recordings under the recordings tab. If you click the check mark, you can create a link to a recording, download it, or delete it. ENTERPRISE admins can also pull reports of your teams join me meetings! You can see how many meetings your users are having, with whom, and what features your team is using. Just select the time frame you want to pull, And what format you want to export it in. Your download will begin. Those are the basics of the Admin Console!