Meet face to face with video! Once you’ve started a meeting, you’ll see the video button at the top left of your toolbar. Click it. will connect to your video camera. You’ll see a preview of yourself in the video screen. This is your chance to primp! To choose a different camera, select it from the drop-down menu. If you want to dial in to the audio using your computer, check the “with audio” box. If you’re dialing in by phone, leave this box unchecked. It can cause an echo if you dial in both ways. Click “Video call” to initiate your video connection. You’ll see your video bubble appear in your meeting. As others join by video, you’ll see their video bubbles pop up here as well! Since you already know what you look like, we’ve made your bubble smaller than everyone else’s. If you need to share your screen or window during your meeting, the bubbles will automatically resize and move out of the way when you start sharing. You can move the bubbles anywhere on the screen you want. Just click on a video bubble and drag it to the best location for you. When you hover over someone’s bubble, you will see controls appear for that person. You can chat, send a file, or even kick them out if things get out of hand! To end your video, just click the video button again and click “Disconnect”. It’s that simple.