3 steps to better meetings: activate join.me, personalize, start meeting

Activate join.me: Click to accept. You’ll receive an email from join.me inviting you to be a presenter. Click the link to get started. From the activation email, you’ll be taken to join.me to create a password.

Personalize: Put your name on it. After setting your password, you’ll be asked to create a personal link and background. Your link is the URL people will use to join your meeting. It can be anything so long as it is at least 9 characters long. Your background is the photo that folks see when they’re waiting for your meeting to start. Neither is permanent, so feel free to change your mind again and again. On occasion, you might want to use the one-time code, so it’s there for your convenience.

Start meeting: Good to go. Now you’re ready to share your screen with 50 to as many as 250 people per meeting, no limits on minutes or number of meetings. Meet via a browser. Go to join.me and sign in. From here, you can start sharing your screen instantly. Meet via desktop app. Download the desktop app for your operating system in the apps section at join.me. It makes starting a meeting without a browser super quick and easy.  Meet via my meetings tab. Simply to go the my meetings tab, click ‘schedule a new meeting’, put in your meeting subject, date and time, and add your attendees. That’s it! Happy meeting.

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