It’s now easier than ever to personalize your experience. Here’s a quick tour to get you started making your own. Start by logging into your desktop app. From the toolbar at the top of you screen, click the more button and navigate to your settings. On the profile tab, you can a personal touch by taking a selfie instantly, or by uploading a picture from your computer. Below your picture, you can also set your first and last name. your meeting attendees will see your picture and name when you join or host a meeting! For additional personalization options, let’s navigate to the website. Head to and click log in. Once you’ve logged in, you can edit your personal URL right from the start menu. This personal URL is what you’ll share with people when you are hosting a meeting – so you can make this your name, or your company name. Next, let’s decorate! You can add a background of your choice for people to see when you are hosting a meeting. Simply click ‘edit background’ on the start menu then click ‘custom’ to upload an image. Finally, we saved the most fun for last - with, you can choose your meeting hold music! Click ‘meeting preferences’ tab, and scroll down to Hold music. You can choose one of our original songs, or keep it simple with a beep.” You can sample each of the choices by clicking on the sound icon. For more tips, visit

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