While join.me is great for instant meetings on the fly, it’s also built for scheduled meetings and check-ins. You can send meeting details quickly and easily through the join.me scheduler. To schedule a meeting, open your join.me app. Click on the carrot next to your email address. A drop down will appear. Select “schedule new meeting”. Your web browser will open to you’re my meetings tabs on join me. Click the schedule meeting button. Here’s where you populate your meeting detail information. Enter the meetings subject, time and date. You can use your personal join.me link, or have join.me create a one time code for this meeting. Enter the email addresses of the meeting invitees in the participants field. This will send participants a calendar invite. Click the audio information drop-down. For participants in other countries, you can select dial-in details for their location. At the bottom of the page, you can schedule a meeting, or save it as a draft to come back to later. If you are ready to send your invitations, press schedule. Your invitations will be sent instantly, and you’ll see your scheduled upcoming meetings on your meetings tab. To access your meetings dashboard from the web, simply log in to join dot me. You’ll see the meetings tab on your homepage. For additional resources please visit join.me/resources Show work who’s boss with join.me

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