Scheduling meetings is a breeze with's Outlook Plug-in. You can schedule meetings directly from your Outlook calendar. To download the plugin, you must be on a Windows machine running Vista or higher with Outlook 2010, 2013, or 2016. First, close outlook. Then go to and click “download” from the outlook plug-in listing. A prompt will appear to add the application. Once the plugin is installed, restart Outlook. You'll see a “Schedule Meeting” button in your Outlook toolbar. To schedule a meeting, click this button, and log-in to your account. After logging in, your meeting invite will be generated, automatically using your information. Choose the best dial-in numbers for your meeting attendees - then click generate invitation. Complete the meeting invite as you would normally, adding subject, attendees, and meeting details. Once the details are complete- send the invite! When it’s time to start your scheduled meeting, you can fire up right from outlook as well. Just double click on the meeting invite in your calendar, and the start meeting button will start your

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