Screen sharing on your Android has never been easier

Share your entire Android device screen in a single tap, with the mobile app for Android! Once you’ve logged in to your join me account, you can start a meeting. There are two ways to start and share:

  • Your personal link: this URL is what you’ll share with people when you host a meeting. It’s a good idea to use your name or company name as the URL. It’s easy for visitors to remember and great for brand awareness.
  • One-time code: you can also share a 9-digit code for your meetings.

Once you select your link or code, you’ll see your meeting start. Don’t worry! No content is being shared until you tap the orange button.

Sharing Content

The orange button on the bottom right corner is your screen share button. When you’re ready to start sharing your Android screen, tap it!.

You’ll see two privacy notifications pop up. This is to ensure you understand that your entire device screen is being shared. People in your meeting will see your apps and notifications – if you can see it, they can see it. So be sure to clean up your apps, or adjust your notification settings accordingly!

Here are a few tips:

  • Move personal apps onto another home page
  • Disable or snooze notifications for an hour
  • Exit out of all your apps, except for the ones you’ll want to use during your meeting

Once you’ve started sharing, your Android device screen will be displayed. Open the app or document you want to share, and your attendees will see it.


You’ll see a small puck, tap this if you want to stop screen sharing on your Android.

  • To share again: Tap [the puck]  it again and you’ll go right back to the document.
  • Click and drag: You can move the puck around if it’s in the way of anything you’re doing by clicking it and then dragging.  

Our Android App is compatible with all applications, so your meeting participants can join from their desktop computer, iPhone, or iPad. You can even share your Android screen with PC viewers.

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