is the simplest, fastest way to get everyone one the same page, with instant screen sharing. allows you to share your entire computer screen with another computer or you can simply share one application window.

How to share your entire computer screen

It’s a good idea to clear your desktop off before you start sharing your computer screen. Make sure to close any irrelevant applications and snooze all your desktop notifications.

  • To start sharing your screen, press the broadcast button
  • To pause sharing, just press the broadcast button again

Your meeting window will re-appear and you will see a message reminding you that “no content is being shared”. Everyone else in the meeting will see a pause screen.

Click the broadcast button when you are ready to start sharing again.

How to share one computer window

If you’re a pro user, you can share just a single window on your desktop, rather than your whole screen. This feature is great if you want to take notes in a window that isn’t being shared.

To do this:

  • Click the arrow to expand the broadcast button
  • Select ‘share window’
  • You’ll see an outline will appear around each window as you hover over them
  • Select the window you want to share by clicking on it

To share a different window, just click the orange tab then click the next window you want to share. To return to full screen sharing mode, go to the broadcast menu and click ‘Share screen’.

It’s that simple!

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