Call in from 24 time zones, 24/7.

With unlimited audio conferencing, is the ideal solution when you need an instant, hassle-free way to host an online meeting – scheduled or not. Anyone can call the conference number of their choice, and enter your unique 9-digit code. And with toll-free you can give clients or customers the option to use a toll-free number. Callers are put on hold until others join, then when everyone is on, you can see who is actively talking. If their dog decides to chime in, don’t be afraid to harness the power of individual mute!

See it in action

Simplicity, thy name is

No need to download or install messy conference call software – just click a single button on the desktop app or start your conference call here. Easy to start, easy to join, easy to manage, makes collaboration easy.

One-click scheduling. Even a CEO can do it.

Scheduling meetings with is as easy as 1-2-3. Literally: 1. Set a meeting with the scheduler or directly from Outlook or Google Calendar 2. Send invitations 3. Start your call with a single click, sit back and enjoy the ride.

OOTO doesn’t mean OOTLoop.

Take your conferences on the road: Start or join an conference call from your iPhone®, iPad®, or Android device. Start your calls with one touch from your iPhone. Download an app now.

"We need a tool that is fast, reliable and easy to use. The intuitive nature and fast start time of make our daily product development meetings much more productive and effective, while opening the doors for more ad hoc collaboration sessions between teams. The fact that those benefits come with an incredibly competitive price made the switch to an easy decision." Bud Ketterl, Vice President of Project Management, Scripps
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