Host the call, and foot the bill.

Let’s be realistic - clients don’t want to cover the conference call costs of your meeting. So give the option to call in toll-free to your prospects, clients and customers! At a competitive per-minute rate, this toll-free option allows you to pick up the tab and look like a boss, without breaking the bank.

Expanded audio options.

Toll-Free Numbers work with's existing VoIP and toll-based audio on the same call. Participants can dial-in to the meeting however they want!


Simple scheduling.

You don’t need to reserve toll-free audio separately when scheduling your online meetings. Your meeting invitation includes everything.


Meeting controls.

Mute/un-mute individuals or the whole group to minimize distractions. Easily identify who’s talking (or who is calling from a crowded hotel lobby). Record your audio, your screen share, or both, for easy sharing.


Transparent billing.

With toll-free, admins can easily access their monthly bills through the admin console. See audio availability and toll-free rates in nearly 70 countries here.


See how it works

See how simple it is to enable toll-free dial in options for all your meetings with!

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