jmandslack-en-png-min-png and Slack are all you need to communicate, present, and collaborate. With both users and Slack users seeing increased productivity, improved work efficiency, and better team collaboration, we’re two tools that go together like PB and J.

Try Join.Me is the simplest way to host an
online meeting.

When you pair with Slack’s quick messaging platform, your communication becomes simpler, faster, more efficient - and dare we say, more fun. Need to finalize a document with input from the team? Fire up a from Slack for a screenshare review. Need to turn a conversation into a deeper brainstorm? Start a video call with your channel to get everyone’s creative juices flowing. Instantly flow from a Slack conversation, to screenshare, back to Slack, to video call… all in one seamless experience.


Your app will open and your meeting will automatically start.
After your meeting is over, your attendees can give you feedback in Slack!EndFragment
Click"Start your meeting”EndFragment    
Open directly from your Slack window by typing /joinme in any message thread

Our Customers are Slack-Happy

Learn how CoderDojo's small team is making huge impact on kids all over the world, engaging thousands of global volunteers using and Slack.

Since choosing, Logikcull is better equipped to support all their clients through the entirety of their relationship. With handling external communications, they’ve found that Slack is the perfect complement to support all their internal messaging needs.

"Technology should be enabling, and invisible. It's what our product does for our customers, and what Slack and do for us. We all just work."

Todd Eastman,
Vice President of Business Development


A match made in collaboration heaven.

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